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  Economic Value and a Personal Touch
Hear the stories of some homeless people.
Character That Counts
A ministry devoted to accountability and good character.

A community website to help parents find a new school.
About Us

Sheridan Productions was started when Chuck Stecker of A Chosen Generation decided to give a struggling Christian school teacher an opportunity to make a few extra dollars by making his ministry's web site. Chris Powers, the president of Sheridan Productions had been dabbling in web-design for fun on his own, building web pages for himself and his writings. Since 2000, when the business license was aquired, and the name was registered with the state of Colorado, the business has slowly grown to accomodate new ministries and other businesses from the community. Chris Powers is still teaching at that same school and does web design part time and on his vacations. The business has grown to include web-hosting and has Chris Powers has now incorporated his Web Design student's learning into a way to help the community get web pages built for free.

Because we are small, and desire to give back to our community, you will find that not only are our prices excellent and our work ethic is strong, but we will also work hard to make sure you have full satisfaction with your product.

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